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Computer and internet based skills

‘Coding in School’ is our flagship program to support underprivileged students in rural and urban areas who don’t have access to a computer. Our program runs in regional-medium government schools to teach coding to secondary students and equip them with other ancillary skills required for career readiness. This also includes our bridge program for first-time computer users to equip our students with the relevant computer skills required to learn to code. 



 College Loops build belonging and community through weekly meetings during the school year and provide students with exclusive opportunities to connect and build relationships with industry professionals and corporate partners. 

Coding at

‘Coding At Home’ App offers free access to students of any Coding For All program and is an enabler app that hosts all the learning resources and videos. The app tracks progress of individual students, offers community & individual support and aids students to convert handwritten code to text and run the program and offers immediate feedback on the changes that need to be made to a code. 


‘Career Readiness’ Program is a 9 months, hands-on training program for final year college students which includes real-world corporate access, job-readiness and soft skill training, a six-month paid internship and unparalleled support. 


Coding For All Clubs

Coding For All Clubs play a crucial part in the digital inclusion movement. The decentralized clubs are supported by CFA and work towards imparting digital literacy in schools and their village/community. Join a nearby club or start your own club in your college. 

Summer Immersion Program

This 2-week program teaches students the computer science skills they need to make an impact in their community while preparing for a career in tech. Participants will get exposure to tech jobs, and join a supportive community of other students in tech.

Express your interest in participating in a summer immersion program

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