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Our organization is built on 5 fundamental pillars
Digital literacy improves quality of living, learning and working

Developing digital literacy skills helps individuals to participate fully in the modern world by improving their quality of life and pursuing their goals as well as opportunities.

Not knowing English should not stop one from learning anything

Digital Equity is the only organisation in India providing training and instruction in vernacular languages. We currently train our students in Telugu and plan to reach students through Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali by 2026. Our students are taught to use tools such as Google Translate that removes the language barrier. 

Students have diverse learning needs

Most of our students have never used a computer before. We use internet based tools that remove the device specific skills and focus on internet based skills. 

Every child can explore and reach her potential

Digital Essentials focuses on skills that help students in providing equal access and opportunities, in safe and inclusive environments, to enhance employability and promote equity.

Every child in India will be digitally literate

Our innovation & scale programs enable us to impact students who are not part of Digital Equity to impact more students in India at scale. 

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These values shape our mission and guide our actions
Safety And Freedom
Collaboration over Competition
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Equitable Access


At Digital Equity, we’re working every day to provide digital literacy(computer and internet based skills) and other ancillary skills to those 400+ million children in India who do not have access to a computer. Digital Equity is a non-profit leading the digital inclusion movement in India by teaching essential digital skills in regional Indian languages to students who do not have access to a computer. Digital Equity runs its flagship program in government & affordable private schools to teach computers to secondary students and also equip them with other ancillary skills required for career readiness. Each of our students is part of our ‘class to career pipeline’ and our intervention with our students is for 8 years starting in secondary school, continuing through college, and supporting them till they land their first job.

We run our programs through decentralized clubs in universities to scale our reach.

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